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Alfajiri works diligently on a variety of agriculture and eco-based projects. A few of the wonderful former street boys who have gone through our programs, with the assistance of our support worker, Hope Mahiva, have constructed a strong and healthy eco culture around the center. They regularly attend to our chickens (about 40 in total) and guinea fowl while also developing the constantly growing gardens around the center.

The Alfajiri chickens can lay up to 70 or even 80 eggs per day. These eggs are oftentimes sold to local outlets, but are also used for staff and children consumption here at the center. The fresh eggs make for a delicious vegetable omelet and tasty sweet cakes made by our talented cooks in the center’s kitchen. The chicken project has become sustainable as the money earned from egg and chicken meat sales is put directly back into maintenance and food for the chickens.

Hope Mahiva, alongside our hard-working farmer named Ian, supervise the gardens that are found at the Alfajiri center. They plant various seedlings, develop unique and growth producing agricultural structures, while caring for the land and its plants with all their hearts. Like the chicken project, the produce from our gardens is given to local families in need, sold in an effort to strengthen the garden’s resources, or consumed at the center.

Eco projects are sustainable. Eco projects strengthen the community. Eco projects are environmentally friendly. Eco projects are educational.

Alfajiri eco projects have the ability to create lasting change in the lives of hundreds of African street children and all those who see their work. 

Ian farming.png

“Working at Alfajiri is a great passion of mine. I am learning about many types of plants and different skills to help them grow. I feel safe at Alfajiri and do my best to treat it as my home and inspire the youth of Nairobi."

— Ian, Manager of the Eco Projects

Blackie and chickens.png

“Coming here to work with the chickens and help around the center has helped me escape from drugs and other dangerous situations. I have also learned many skills that I can use around the center to help the kids and Alfajiri.”

— Blackie, Assistant Manager of the Eco Projects 

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