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Alfajiri offers a diverse and complete artistic environment through its unique music program. At the center, kids have the opportunity to create lyrics and songs in our well-equipped music studio. The studio includes a fully functioning box recording studio with a state of the art microphone, computer to mix beats and edit recordings, two large speakers, and a high technology keyboard. This incredible facility creates a professional atmosphere for many of our talented and passionate musicians to record and produce beautiful musical creations. 

The music department under the vast artistic umbrella here at Alfajiri serves as yet another brilliant means of self expression for the kids. Those who have more passion for music rather than painting, drawing, karate, or dance can use the studio to create and use their voice in a way that best suits them and their interests. The music program at Alfajiri encourages kids to use their voice to show the world their struggles, interests, hopes, dreams, and aspirations in life.

Song topics written and produced by Alfajiri street children often revolve around God, victory, peace, and identity and suffering. Typically, songs are sung both in English and in their beautiful native Kenyan tongue, Swahili, making the pieces even more sincere and real. These young musicians are regularly producing marvelous songs with powerful, inspiring messages for any and all listeners. They are so talented! 

Music is inspiring. Music is beautiful. Music is passionate voices. Music is captivating.

Alfajiri music has the ability to create lasting change in the lives of hundreds of African street children and all those who see their work.


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