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A large part of Alfajiri’s mission revolves around rehabilitating and later reintegrating kids back with their families so they can live better lives away from the suffocating lifestyle in the streets. Through experience within our various art and creativity programs, children grow more comfortable to the point where they feel welcome to open up about their problems as well as their hopes for the future. Some choose to go to school while others seek out a life back at home with their families or in a supportive rehabilitative center. Alfajiri takes great pride in assisting these children reach their goals by reintegrating them to their families, educational institutions, and rehabilitative centers.

Since the organization was founded in 2015, Alfajiri has successfully rehabilitated and reintegrated more than 100 boys and girls. It is an emotionally vibrant and powerful interaction when these lost and neglected youths reunite with their families after a long time apart. The joy felt by all parties involved during a successful reintegration is truly astonishing.


Reintegration is so important because it allows these children to discover their true identity and belongingness within society. It empowers them to follow their hopes and dreams. Alfajiri seeks to continue reintegrating the street children of Nairobi to give them their true worth and meaning in life. With the continued support of generous sponsors and donors across the globe, we can spread the message of hope and love for all persons.


Reintegration is empowerment. Reintegration is inspiring. Reintegration is hopeful. Reintegration is life changing.

Alfajiri rehabilitation and reintegration has the ability to create lasting change in the lives of hundreds of African street children and all those who see their work. 




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