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In addition to our creativity producing art workshops, Alfajiri also offers regular fitness and martial arts classes throughout the week. Under the instruction of black belt karate teacher Lucas Wanyama, children participate in a series of martial arts, fitness, and self defense drills that strengthen both the body and the mind. This program within the Alfajiri organization gives children a chance to develop their martial art skills while also teaching them countless life lessons including active listening, obedience, discipline, and hard work. 

On top of being a qualified and dedicated karate instructor, Lucas is also an experienced mentor for young people, which gives him the ability to connect with children on a deeper level through karate. At the conclusion of each martial arts class, the kids are encouraged to open up about their life struggles. These powerful group mentorship sessions include discussions on character formation, life guidance, management of drug addiction, independence, life skills, and discovery of one's purpose. These daily martial arts classes provide our children with noticeable improvement in both physical and mental fitness, ultimately preparing their bodies and their minds for whatever life may throw their way. 

Our martial arts program is as much a mentorship building setting as it is a fitness development program, making it one of our most meaningful and life-changing artistic focuses. The supportive environment for children to open up allows for quality mentorship and growth in all facets of life. Through this unique martial arts program, countless street children discover a new vision, purpose, or direction within their life, resulting in abandonment of life in the streets and newfound independence that serves them well for years to come.

Martial arts is discipline. Martial arts is strength. Martial arts is fun. Martial arts is self empowerment.

Alfajiri martial arts has the ability to create lasting change in the lives of hundreds of African street children and all those who see their work. 



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Mentorship and guidance in our Alfajiri workshops are essential to building character, establishing resilience, and developing self-discipline. Our Kenyan renowned martial arts instructor, Lucas, teaches important life skills and mentorship lessons through the art of taekwondo. A large marjority of the children that visit the centre do not have a positive role model in their lives', so Lucas fills the role.

Martial Arts has continued to equip our kids with more knowledge and inspire them to realize their potential, that they can become successful in future through our creative programs at Alfajiri to nurture their talents and work towards achieving their goals.

Lucas Wanyama, Martial Arts Instructor


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