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Dance is a creative art form understood with love and enthusiasm by every Kenyan child. Dance is not just a physical phenomenon. It is a social, cultural, and historical product of unbelievable beauty and grace unique to each nation. Children at Alfajiri practice and leap with joy to music of their choice, typically with a strong African beat that sends their bodies and spirits soaring. Not all children are gifted in drawing or painting, so dance is an additional outlet and art form that provides further exploration and self expression.

Each week, Kevin Gitau, our trained and passionate dance teacher, leads a group of dancers at the center. Groups consist of street and school sponsored children. The children are taught new dance moves and routines each week while the invigorating music lets them unwind and enjoy themselves freely. Several talented dancers have emerged through these regular dance sessions. All of the children love to move their bodies to the music and learn new moves that express themselves in a new light. 

Dance serves as yet another form of innovative therapy for the street children of Nairobi. It allows them to socialize in a new way while also creating a fun and safe environment to open up about their life issues. Kevin works alongside Lucas, our karate instructor, to empower the children through movement of their bodies and their minds. Dance pairs well with martial arts by creating an additional means for fitness development while further producing self exploration among the children. Every child leaves the dance classes with a huge smile on their face. 


Dance is lively. Dance is creative. Dance is elegant. Dance is self expression.

Alfajiri dance has the ability to create lasting change in the lives of hundreds of African street children and all those who see their work.




“As a dance teacher I see dance as a therapy for our young boys and girls since it enables them to socialize freely, open up on issues they are facing and overcome the fear amongst themselves and teachers. Through dance program I have encountered progress as many young men have decided to go back home through talks that we hold every day after the dance program. It’s a pleasure to work under Alfajiri kid’s art initiative that has helped me learn more about living with different people from different places with different issues.” 

Kevin Gitau, Dance Instructor

Emotional Development

dancing boys.png

When street children feel the joy of dancing, they learn to express themselves that benefits both physical and emotional health. By giving the children the freedom to channel their emotions and energies in a safe and encouraging environment, their self-esteem and confidence will increase significantly.

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