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Lenore Boyd

Founder and Director


John Paul Wasiro

Deputy Director


Bertolia Alegana

Finance and Administration


Lucas Wanyama

Martial Arts Intstructor

"I love being with the African people. The courage, energy, humor, and overcoming spirit of these brave people of the ghettos who live daily with challenge and tragedy. They have blessed me and Alfajiri."

"Working with Alfajiri, where we change kids' lives by rehabilitating and reintegrating them with their families, has had a ripple effect on me where I return home so fulfilled. It has also influenced the decisions I make in life since I am more informed from the experiences I get with these children."

"My love for Alfajiri as a karate coach/instructor is regularly seeing the kids being motivated to live out healthy and responsible lives."

"The Alfajiri mission brings me great joy. As I do this work, I have been impacted by seeing the children transform into participating and independent members of the community. I love seeing the kids realize that someone loves them, helping them get back on their feet, and giving back to the community. I am happy to be part of the team giving hope to these children."


Ruth Wanjiru

Social Worker


Jane Mukami

Social Worker


Hope Mahiva

Support Worker

"What I love about Alfajiri is seeing the lives of these children changing each and every day. That is what motivates and inspires me."

"Working with Alfajiri has opened my eyes to the true meaning of compassion. The satisfaction I feel at the end of the day after working with the kids is what drives me to work even harder the next day."

"Alfajiri has been the best organization that I have ever been apart of because of its all around learning programs. It has a great impact on everyone involved. I really admire the sharp minds that the organization has been producing with great artistic work. It is a real privilege to be apart of Alfajiri."

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Staff (from left to right): Bertolia Alegana, Lucas Wanyama, Lenore Boyd, John Paul Wasiro, Jane Mukami, Hope Mahiva, and Ruth Wanjiru

The Alfajiri Center that hosts our day to day art activities and creatives

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