At eight years of age Jesse wandered from his home in the Mathare slum and
was lost. Jesse had never gone to school and his single mother struggled in a
cleaning job to simply provide food. It was easy for Jesse to simply disappear
while his mother was at work.

His mother searched for him to no avail. After six months he was found in
very poor condition. A good Samaritan had taken him to a children’s shelter
and once located, he was returned to his mother in the slum.

After we provided a medical check it became clear that Jesse is a special
needs child. He has been treated for a medical condition which affects his
concentration and ability to relate to others. We are helping the family in
areas of most need and continue to support Jesse in school and with his
medical expenses. Jesse is now safe and learning with other children. He has
just finished his first year at primary school. His mother expresses her deep
thanks for the protection provided for her son and the chance for his future.