Duncan and Martin

Brothers from Meru not far from Mt Kenya they are lastborn in their family. They are devoted friends, close in age and like to call themselves twins.

They left their home town when their family broke up and they lost touch with their relatives. For days they walked to Nairobi and then found themselves in the streets of the big city, afraid and wandering the streets with nowhere to go, they took to glue and jet fuel and begged and scrounged for food and to survive.

At this time we met the boys in our workshops which they came to regularly and began to tell us their story.

Martin became dangerously ill with kidney infections and could not walk. He was rescued and taken to hospital after beings found collapsed on the roadside. From there he was taken to a rehab. Isaiah was lost and alone without his brother. We took him to the same rehab centre and they were reunited. Both boys will be attending boarding vocational training schools, studying carpentry in 2018.

Their married sister was located in Meru and they have begun to stay with her on holidays.