Our Stories


Now in class 5 at Juja Road primary school. She is living alone with her single mother. Their home was a small tin shed on the side of the road where they lived without electricity and sometimes without food. When she began with us two years ago, Alice was wandering the streets in the area without school or the basic necessities for a healthy life.. Alice had severe health and emotional challenges. She was at high risk wandering in a dangerous area. Now her life is vastly improved.

Sponsorship in school and in a feeding program has meant security and a future for little Alice. She still comes to visit us in our art workshops and at the office on holidays where she comes to eat donuts, to chat and to draw.

Duncan and Martin

Brothers from Meru not far from Mt Kenya they are lastborn in their family. They are devoted friends, close in age and like to call themselves twins.

They left their home town when their family broke up and they lost touch with their relatives. For days they walked to Nairobi and then found themselves in the streets of the big city, afraid and wandering the streets with nowhere to go, they took to glue and jet fuel and begged and scrounged for food and to survive. At this time we met the boys in our workshops which they came to regularly and began to tell us their story. Martin became dangerously ill with kidney infections and could not walk. He was rescued and taken to hospital after beings found collapsed on the roadside. From there he was taken to a rehab. Isaiah was lost and alone without his brother. We took him to the same rehab centre and they were reunited. Both boys will be attending boarding vocational training schools, studying carpentry in 2018.

Their married sister was located in Meru and they have begun to stay with her on holidays.


After we provided a medical check it became clear that Jesse is a special needs child. He has been treated for a medical condition which affects his concentration and ability to relate to others. We are helping the family in areas of most need and continue to support Jesse in school and with his medical expenses. Jesse is now safe and learning with other children. He has just finished his first year at primary school. His mother expresses her deep thanks for the protection provided for her son and the chance for his future.


Peter lived in Mlango Kubwa base for several years. A firstborn son, he had run away from home in the rural area due to the mistreatment of a stepfather. He was a fragile boy, and very shy. He used to come into the art workshops and had to be encouraged away from the rubbish dump and the streets.   After several years in the streets, and a year of attending the art workshop, he told us his story and was taken home by our social worker.   He found his stepfather had just left permanently and his mother was alone with his younger siblings.   He began a course, supported by Alfajiri and was sponsored by us.  He became a successful mechanic and now works full time and helps support his mother and family.  He recently received a full set of tools from us.  He is a successful and beautiful young man.


Adam was born with a congenital heart condition that most people do not survive past the age often years. Adam, through determination and grit is a survivor. He came to see us when he was weak and could only walk a few metres. Since them the surgery at Mater hospital in Nairobi has meant a new lease on life. He can walk up to five kilometres after the surgery. His blood is oxygenated and flowing well, meaning he is getting stronger every day.

Adam After Surgery

We are happy that our involvement in Adams medical treatment and home care has helped him to be positive and energetic. We will support him through his last term for end of secondary school and we wish to help him to tertiary education He is a miracle.