The art workshop  has several purposes. Kids come to draw and paint together.  The art workshop provides all materials, paints, watercolours, crayons, pencils. paper and canvas.They have some food and afterwards, sometimes are given shoes, a change of clothes or other small needs are met.
The artists instinctively show their experience in their drawings.  The work is very creative and gives insight into the kids. It helps them to have confidence, talk about their work and open up.
People of different walks of life come in to greet the kids or to draw themselves.  It is a pivotal  point of Alfajiri. the meeting point for the kids and others, breaking down barriers.
The Workshops will culminate in an exhibition of the artwork.   It will be a way of creating awareness and respect for the kids who suffer much prejudice.  Many of them are talented artists.
The workshop  needs funding to flourish.