Jim Ndegwa


Jim lost his mother in his early teens and found himself on the streets of Narok. Through sheer grit, hard work and determination he finished his secondary school and was accepted into Kirinyaga University. Here he studied Commerce.   At this time Alfajiri began supporting Jim with rent, food and sometimes school fees. He also worked on his holidays and sponsored a lot of his own expenses.  This was encouraged by us as a path to complete independence. Joshua shone. He became Mr Kirinyaga university and was well respected.  We supported Jim to graduate with honours and he has a rosy future to look forward to. Jim came to Alfajiri centre where we all celebrated his wonderful success. He donned his graduaton robe and addressed and encouraged the young people who gathered to hear him  When one of ours reaches  his goal all the others are encouraged.  His dream is to support his little sister, inspire and help others and to have a successful life.