The great changes in Kenya encountered after COVID-19 restrictions and curfews created chaos. Businesses closed, our ghetto people went without jobs and many had their houses closed by landlords creating more homelessness. See recent business daily article.

Educational institutions closed and kids wandered the streets with nothing to do. Our programs are even more vital than ever. Our centre remained open to combat despair and destitution around us. Our rescue and resource centre has been priceless since we were able to reach out and welcome so many children and their families for therapy and practical support e continued to put in place the basic hygiene measures like hand washing, use of sanitizers and putting on of facemasks.

kids outdoor
We have also continued to distribute facemasks to the children on the streets, One of our mamas produces facemasks and we buy them as a way of empowerment. We continued with our programs increasing the number of those who could participate after some of restrictions were eased. The key programs are exercise, fitness and martial arts programs, mentorship, small art workshops, music, dance and regular counselling sessions. During this time, we
also had an online dance with the kids televised in America and Europe as a way to create awareness and keep the momentum during this pandemic period. We had youth and staff dance with an African theme, which was well embraced by all involved and showed the resilient African spirit.

We have also continued to support families and invite them for therapy since mental health has become a big issue brought by the pandemic. We also as part of our creative programs implemented recording and music production in our small music studio by talented children and youths, an activity we hope to develop further giving a further voice to underprivileged youth.