Art Workshop

Art workshop

Art workshops are regular activities at the Resource and drop-in centre and as the main focus of our mission and vision is art and creative work for the healing of trauma and connection with our beneficiaries, we continue to encourage the drawing and painting of the kids.  Now art workshops are made up of smaller groups than before, sometimes with just one or two children at the table. We are always limiting numbers due to Covid restrictions. As the demand is great for the centre we are in a position of constant monitoring and management of numbers. Two outdoor safe areas are available as well as the indoor spaces where we give art materials for the children to sit and express themselves.

As the situation gets worse in Kenya with Covid 19, with family break downs and job losses among parents, these opportunities for them become even more important. As the centre is becoming well known, we have children dropping in all through the week. There is never a shortage of art materials. We avoid crowding, keeping numbers small and have monitoring at the gate to ensure numbers do not become too many. Children are now getting even more personalized attention and this is helping us to focus on individuals, which model is perhaps the most effective way to help traumatized children. When the children come in, they are encouraged to wash their hands at the washing station at the entrance and sanitizer is provided at the door.