We are talented, creative, intelligent kids but forgotten. We live in the city streets and dumps because we have no one to care about us and nowhere to go. We number 60000 in Nairobi alone. We have dreams and long for a future. A future where we can have a home and can be accepted and respected for just being who we are, kids just like yours. We have dreams, that one day we will be independent and find a way to have a job, a career and find our families. They will see that we are worthy and we have so much to offer. This is our dream.

About Us

Alfajiri Street Kids Art is a registered community based organization that was founded and is currently directed by Lenore Boyd, an artist and a volunteer who came to Kenya working with missionary of charity fathers. Lenore later felt the need to help the street kids out of the street and help them find a better life. It is clear to anyone who spends time with the kids on the street that this is a life of destitution, hunger, desperation and rejection that no one should have to live.

It does not take much to smile and show respect to these children and to give them a hope for the future. Thus the organization strives to support these street kids by giving them a chance to create their own artwork and find their dignity. Their work will be exhibited in art galleries in Nairobi and eventually around the world. The Alfajiri Kids are looking forward to sharing their thoughts and ideas and hopes in their artwork. From this, Alfajiri also aims to find them a safe place to go,a loving and caring home and give them empowerment and good education.

In Kenya there are estimated 250, 000 children living on the streets and 60, 000 in Nairobi, (United Nations data 2015). They are abandoned or forced to flee to the street because of poverty and neglect in their families.

hassan art
hassan art

Vision and Mission


To reach street children through art creation and discover our common humanity.


A world where street children discover and are given their true worth.

Inspired by Mother Teresa’s outreach to the poorest of the poor.

What we are doing with the kids

Art Workshops

painting, drawing, creative work

Art therapy

Care and Love

Mentorship and counselling


Attending school, Vocational training and different skills


going home / joining the community


Visiting kids where they are, on the streets


listening to kids and giving them hope.

Rehabilitation and Reintegration

Support given through training thus healing from street trauma

Going home / joining the community